Four Steps to Compliance: Prepare. Inspect. Register. Repeat

Prepare the Property

When is my registration due?

-Map of three zones (image on current website and list of census tracts)

-How do I find out my census tract? (

How do I prepare the Property?

-Inspection Video (

-Preparation tips (

What if my property is a Section 8 home?

-If your property is a Section 8 home, or other federally assisted housing program, submit either proof of participation in the program and/or a copy of the most recent inspection and the property can qualify for a one (1) year lead-safe certificate.

What if my property had abatement work done?

-If your property has previously been abated or participated in the previous HUD grants, submit a proof of abatement and the property can qualify for a twenty (20) year certificate.

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Adoption Records Request Form
Birth Certificate Request Form
Death Certificate Request Form


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