Community Cessation Initiative

The Community Cessation Initiative (CCI) of Lucas County is aimed to help individuals quit tobacco use. The CCI program offers access to free tobacco cessation services to help residents in Lucas County and the surrounding area quit using tobacco products. By partnering with non-profits, organizations and hospitals in Lucas County, CCI has created a network of providers dedicated to offering high quality tobacco cessation services.

How the Program Works

Health Educators with CCI help determine what type of cessation services best fit the individual’s needs. Cessation partners may provide individual, group, and telephonic counseling at a large variety of locations across the county. Health Educators will also guide the journey to quit tobacco use and provide relapse management at no cost. Both Spanish and Arabic translators are available for assistance, if necessary. All individual, group, or telephone counseling services are free of charge, regardless of insurance coverage.

If you or someone you know would like to quit using tobacco products, contact CCI today by calling 419-213-4558 or email

Join CCI as a Partner

The Community Cessation Initiative is interested in adding both providers and referral partners, including medical professionals, community health workers, faith based organizations, social services, or any agencies providing to Lucas County residents.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a referral partner or provider with CCI, click here.

Participating providers include: The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department, The YMCA of Greater Toledo, Mercy St. Vincent’s Mom’s Quit for Two, Compassion Health, Toledo Family Pharmacy, Lifecare Pharmacy, Safe Haven Behavioral Health, St. Luke’s Tobacco Treatment, and Zepf Center.