Lead Ordinance Begins 9/16/16

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The TLCHD has begun registration for all individuals who are ODH certified and licensed Lead Risk Assessors, Lead Inspectors, and Clearance Technicians. You can not be a ‘Local Lead Inspector’ unless you possess one of these ODH licenses. If an individual is interested in obtaining this training, we are directing individuals to the Ohio Department of Health’s website (http://www.odh.ohio.gov/odhprograms/eh/lp_prev/lp_list1.aspx) to search for available training resources. We have had this information on our website and frequently asked questions for the past few weeks. Our staff is working with the Ohio Department of Health to be able to offer a clearance technician training course in Lucas County (provided from our department).

Resources about the lead ordinance can be found at our website under Environmental Health > Lead Prevention (or https://lucascountyhealth.com/environmental-health/lead-prevention/).  Training information can be found at Lead Implementation Information

More information on this training course will be posted on our website and in press releases, as available.