The Toledo Lucas County Health Department is an approved health district through the Ohio EPA. The Director’s Approval List is used to identify which health departments are authorized to administer the Solid and Infectious Waste and Construction and Demolition Debris Programs within their jurisdiction. Responsibilities of this department include- but are not limited to- licensing regulated facilities, inspecting solid and infectious waste and construction and demolition debris facilities and taking appropriate action to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

Solid Waste

Lucas County currently licenses and inspects one municipal solid waste landfill:

Hoffman Road Landfill
3962 Hoffman Road
Toledo, Ohio

Construction and Demolition Debris

Lucas County currently licenses and inspects one construction and demolition debris landfills:

Brooklyn North Recycling
4242 Creekside
Toledo, OH

Infectious Waste

The Toledo Lucas County Health Department inspects registered Infectious Waste Generators and Infectious Waste Treatment Facilities.

Scrap Tires

Scrap tires must be transported by an Ohio EPA Registered Scrap Tire Transporter.

For the list of Ohio EPA Registered Scrap Tire Transporters click here.

Mosquito Abatement for scrap tires – Call Toledo Area Sanitary District (419) 726-7891


Lucas County Registered Compost Facilities

Information on how to become a registered compost facility

Scrap Yards

Scrap Yards in the City of Toledo are licensed by the City of Toledo Treasury Department

Information on Scrap Yard Licensing can be found in the Toledo Municipal Code Chapter 733 – Junk Yards

Recycle Household items

Recycler’s List – Find out where to recycle household items



635 N. Erie St.
Toledo, OH 43604

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