What is PrEP?

PrEP is a pill that helps protects against HIV. PrEP stands for Pre-exposure prophylaxis. It consists of a once-a-day pill that can dramatically reduce a person’s risk of contracting HIV. Essentially, PrEP is used to help prevent an HIV-negative person from becoming HIV-positive.

How effective is PrEP?

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention now recognizes that PrEP is about 99% effective when taken daily. PrEP does NOT protect against other sexually transmitted infections and is NOT a vaccine. Those who use PreP must commit to taking the medication daily and see our healthcare professionals on a regular basis for HIV testing and other follow-up.

How do I get on PrEP?

Call 419-213-4150 to schedule an appointment for the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department’s PrEP Clinic.

Where is your PrEP clinic located?

We are located at 635 N. Erie St, in Toledo, Ohio.

Are there other PrEP clinic locations?

PrEP locations include:

  • Toledo-Lucas County Health Department – 635 North Erie Street, Toledo, 419-213-4150
  • University of Toledo Medical Center – 3000 Arlington Avenue, Toledo, 419-383-6843
  • Falcon Health Center – 838 E. Wooster Street, Bowling Green, 419-372-2271
  • Sandusky County Health Department – 2000 Countryside Drive, Fremont, 419-334-6355

How much does PrEP cost?

PrEP can be FREE or very low cost for many people. Most insurance plans and state Medicaid programs cover PrEP. There are also other programs that provide PrEP for free or at a reduced cost. Please call our staff at 419-213-4150 for information or click here to get started: https://ohiv.org/free-prep/

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635 N. Erie St.
Toledo, OH 43604