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Office of Epidemiology

The epidemiology office is responsible for the management and follow-up of reportable communicable diseases in Lucas County. The epidemiologists work to provide surveillance on disease cases and symptoms, further investigate selected disease cases, and assist in outbreak response. The office is driven to provide disease education and reduce the incidence of communicable diseases in the community.  HIV and Syphilis cases are followed up on by Disease Intervention Specialists (see HIV Testing for more information) and Tuberculosis cases in Lucas County are followed up by a designated Public Health Nurse.

Disease Reporting

According to the Ohio Administrative Code, communicable disease cases (suspected or confirmed) are to be reported to the local health department. The Infectious Disease Control Manual is provided by the Ohio Department of Health to outline the requirements for reporting Ohio’s communicable diseases and provides a list of the current reportable diseases.

How to Report Communicable Diseases

All Class A diseases are to be reported immediately by phone at:

On evenings, weekends, or holidays call Engage Toledo at:

All Class B diseases are to be reported by the end of the next business day by secure fax: 419-213-4546
You may use the Ohio Confidential Reportable Disease Form

All Class C diseases (outbreaks, an unusual incident, or an epidemic of other diseases) are to be reported by the end of the next business day by telephone.

Reporting of:
Tuberculosis: 419-213-2659
HIV/AIDS and Syphilis: 419-213-4176 or 419-213-4159