The purpose of this program is to assure that families that have children with special health needs receive comprehensive care to minimize the handicapping effects of certain health conditions. We also want to make sure that children with congenital and chronic physical handicapping conditions are covered.

How the Program Works

Public health nurses identify children with possible health conditions and refer them to a physician in the program for diagnosis, and a plan of care. Once they are identified as having a qualifying health condition and meet certain financial criteria, they are enrolled in the program.

Services Provided

Once children are enrolled in the program, they receive coverage for the costs of medical treatment for the condition through an Ohio Department of Health-administered program. Public health nurses make home visits, do health and family assessments, provide coordination of care, and help families in implementing the child’s plan of care. They also provide emotional support, education, and referral to other needed services.

Ohio Department of Health

For more information visit the Ohio Department of Health’s BCMH website at  https://www.odh.ohio.gov/odhprograms/cmh/cwmh/bcmh1.aspx.

More Information

Call: 419.213.4167 or 419.213.4126



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