Rodents destroy property, contaminate food supplies, and carry disease. They are one of the oldest public health problems known to humans. Our goal is to control the spread of disease by limiting the growth of rodent populations and correcting conditions that contribute to rodent breeding. To accomplish this goal, the Rodent Control Program conducts field inspections, issues orders to abate conditions that are conducive to rat proliferation, baits public areas, and meets with neighborhood groups to provide education on methods of rodent control and the application of pesticides.

Are there rodents in your neighborhood?

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Some simple prevention practices

  • Temporarily STOP FEEDING SEED, CORN, BREAD, ETC., to birds, squirrels, ducks, and other wildlife until the problem is abated.
  • Feed dogs and cats inside – if food is provided outside pick up the uneaten food promptly. DO NOT LEAVE PET FOOD OUTSIDE OVERNIGHT, rats feed at night.
  • Dog feces can be a rat food source – feces should be collected and disposed of promptly.
  • Compost piles that are not turned regularly can be a food source for rats.
  • Follow proper guidelines to keep the compost pile unattractive to rats.
  • Keep garages and sheds clear of CLUTTER – store items off the floor and keep access to the walls and corners so you can see rodents

Do you have extra trash on your property, and don’t know how to get rid of it?

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