The Ohio Smoke-Free Workplace Law

To protect all workers and the public from exposure of secondhand smoke in workplaces, no-smoking areas, and public places.

Smoke Free Places:
  • All public places of employment, including convenience stores, restaurants and bars.
  • All enclosed areas, including buildings.
  • All areas near entrances and exits of a smoke-free building. Tobacco smoke entering through a window, doorway or ventilation system is a violation of the Ohio Smoke-Free Workplace Law.
Tips for Filing Complaints

Information to Provide:

  • Nature of the violation with date and time of occurrence
  • Name of the business or person that is in violation of the law
  • The address where the violation occurred
  • The name of the County the business or individual is located

The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department handles smoking complaint investigations reported to the Ohio Department of Health for Lucas County.

To report a smoking complaint call ODH at 1.866.559.6446 or email your complaint to: [email protected]