• *COVID-19 UPDATE*: All Food Safety Education Classes are canceled until further notice. 

The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department currently has 13 food safety sanitarians charged with inspecting 2,438 food facilities within the county including restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, schools, convenience stores, etc. In addition, sanitarians also inspect food trucks, vending machines and food stands at festivals.

In 2018, sanitarians responded to 495 complaints from the public and educated 574 food facility operators in basic and advanced food safety.

Foodborne illness is a serious public health threat. According to the Center for Disease Control, each year in the United States 76 million people suffer from vomiting and diarrhea caused by mishandled, tainted, or spoiled food. It is the goal of the Food Safety Program in the  Environmental Health Division to reduce the risk of foodborne illness through inspection, education, and enforcement.