Lucas County Community-Based Tobacco Cessation Project

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Toledo-Lucas County Health Department (TLCHD) is conducting a tobacco cessation community project aimed to decrease county-wide tobacco use and increase access of cessation services. The objective is to create a plan with local pharmacies/provider to implement tobacco cessation screenings and track cessation referrals for patients who are actively smoking. TLCHD will supply resources to cessation providers and educational materials for patients/clients. TLCHD along with the ODH Quitline, will complete appropriate follow-up and relapse management after treatment is concluded, ensuring the best possible attempt, while helping to decrease tobacco use.

As part of this project, TLCHD is working to identify and bridge the gaps in current cessation services offered in Lucas County. Additionally, TLCHD is interested in identifying and eliminating barriers faced by our population, potentially hindering their attempt to undergo cessation services. The Tobacco Cessation Community Project has a strong focus on reaching a specific disparate population and will be working with the Toledo-Lucas County Office of Minority Health.

Lucas County Tobacco surveillance data shows the populations at highest risk for smoking include residents who are socioeconomically disadvantaged, African American and Latino residents, those with behavioral health conditions, and pregnant women. The 2019/2020 Lucas County Community Health Assessment reported 21% of Lucas County African American adults were current smokers and three percent (3%) of African American adults used e-cigarettes or vapes in the past year.

How can you get involved?

Toledo-Lucas County Health Department is requesting contact information for those who are interested in contributing their services and/or referrals to the Lucas County Tobacco Cessation network. These community partnerships can be provider partnerships, referral partnerships, or both. Providers may be comprised of physicians, social workers, hospital systems, or any agency willing to provide cessation services. Referral partners for this program may consist of any agency who provides services to Lucas County residents.

Provider PartnershipsReferral Responsibilities
Provide appropriate tobacco cessation services for individuals referred to you   Track monthly referral information   Must meet guidelines set by Ohio Department of Health in order to provide cessation servicesRefer Tobacco Cessation clients to TLCHD, to be appropriately connected with a cessation provider, ODH Quitline, and/or My Life My Quit for teens   Ideal referral partners: ANY agency who provide services, especially to Lucas County’s disparate populations

Please take a moment to answer a few questions and let us know you’re interested:

For more information and to express your interest contact the Nikeisha Cross, Tobacco Prevention Program Coordinator, at (419) 213-4120 or [email protected].