Lucas County Transportation Assessment

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Thank you for your involvement in the Lucas County Transportation Assessment. Through funding from the Ohio Department of Health, the Toledo Lucas County Health Department is conducting an assessment to identify the transportation barriers faced by the maternal and child health population. In order to do so, we will be surveying the five main entities as follows: Hospital Systems (ProMedica, Mercy, St. Lukes, UTMC), Healthcare providers (Family practices, clinics, etc.), Community Organizations (Paramount, HCNO, etc.), Transportation Providers (TARTA, Taxi services, etc.), and pregnant women and women with children.

Surveys will be available through a “” link and paper copies. Surveys should be completed no later than May 31st, 2017. After data collection and analysis, a transportation resource guide will be developed. The purpose of this guide is to assist our maternal and child population in easily locating free or affordable transportation services to get to their healthcare appointments. I have provided 5 “survey monkey” links, one for each entity. Please complete the assessment most pertinent to the entity you identify with. Paper copies can be provided upon request. We encourage you to share these links with staff and colleagues who serve the maternal and child health population in Lucas County.

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