New Health Commissioner Appointed

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The Lucas County Regional Health District Board elected Eric Zgodzinski as Health Commissioner after a unanimous vote at its board meeting on June 23, 2016. The Board has had many discussions on restructuring the leadership at the Health Department and with the ever changing and expanding public health landscape, concluded it was most appropriate to appoint a full- time Health Commissioner.

Eric Zgodzinski has extensive experience with the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department. He has held a management role during his 15 year tenure with the Health Department. Mr. Zgodzinski will be in charge of the daily operations in addition to all administrative responsibilities.

Dr. David Grossman will remain the part-time Medical Director for the Health Department. Without administrative duties, he will be able to focus solely on clinical responsibilities, including those involved with the Federally Qualified Health Center.

The Board of Health is anticipating a bright future with the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department enhancing its role as experts in public health.