Health Department Promotes Asthma Efforts in Lucas County

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In honor of Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month, the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department is shining a spotlight on its initiatives surrounding asthma management and challenges faced by children and families.

Stock Albuterol Inhaler Program
TLCHD collaborates with local school districts, ensuring access to albuterol.

The Health Department piloted the stock albuterol inhaler program with Washington Local Schools in 2022 and expanded to Toledo Public Schools one year later. Lucas County is one of 11 counties across the state of Ohio offering such a program to local school districts.

The availability of albuterol inhalers within schools has proven to be lifesaving in emergencies. During the first half of the 2023-2024 school year, 42 students experienced a respiratory event, requiring the use of an asthma inhaler – provided through the Health Department’s stock albuterol program.

TLCHD is pleased to continue supporting local schools and districts through the stock albuterol program and supporting efforts.

Asthma Advisory Board

TLCHD’s Asthma Advisory Board closely works with Springfield Local Schools to support asthma initiatives through tools and training developed by the Ohio Department of Health. The advisory board provides educational information for families who may need resources or equipment to control their child’s asthma.

In order to decrease exposure to asthma triggers and create a healthy school, TLCHD’s asthma advisory board recommended an assessment of the environmental factors at Springfield Local Schools. The district identified several allergen exposures, which lead to replacing carpeting and furniture.

Minority Asthma Outreach Grant
The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department received $49,900 to provide education among Lucas County’s most vulnerable populations: young children and older adults.
The Health Department recognizes the importance of comprehensive asthma prevention efforts and is committed to providing resources supporting the community through outreach programs. These programs include the Local Office on Minority Health, Children with Medical Handicaps (CMH), and the 60+ Program. Additionally, children with an asthma diagnosis are eligible to receive benefits through the CMH program. Parents may find more information on the health department’s website.